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Listing #24673

Listing #: 24673

Beds: 4

Available: 02/25/11

Location: Allston

Price: $2900

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Listing #18948

Listing #: 18948

Beds: 3

Available: 02/25/11

Location: Boston (Jamaica Plain)

Price: $2700

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Now we know who has the coolest house on the block

What about the last kid on the slide? Was he just there for moral support? What’s equally impressive is that legit waterslide. Back when we were kids we had that blue slide that you had to use a bucket to get the slide wet. That thing pours water out like the hoover dam!

KLM airlines is going to let you start picking your seatmate with facebook before your flight

telegraph-It is developing an internet service known as “meet and seat” which will give fliers access to to their fellow travellers’ Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. The scheme will be launched next year and KLM admitted that many details still have to be worked out. Many airlines already charge passengers if they wish to pick their seats more than… Read the full article...

Momma gorilla doesn’t like humans

Remember when your mom would call you over from the slide and you were upset because you were playing with other people? Well, she called you over because she didn’t like who you were playing with! Guess we haven’t evolved much from the gorillas after all…..

this baby knows what's up

I'm going to start doing the same thing

Today I Found Out

Mark K. asks: Why do we say someone is in cahoots? What is a cahoot? Meaning alternately companions, confederates, partners and/or conspirators, in cahoots is a phrase used to describe a situation where people are working together, often on an illegal, immoral, secret and/or unethical scheme. As for the word “cahoot” itself, it is defined as a “partnership, league.” The [...]

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