"Apartment for sublease in Gardencrest (near Bentley) starting in May"




I'm offering a sublease of the 2BD apartment in the Gardencrest (close to Bentley) starting in May (around 5-6th). We are using the living room as a 3rd bedroom so it's up to you if you want to have 2BD or share with 3 people. The place is fully furnished, with all the kitchen appliances which may be purchased as well. Monthly rent is $2240 (including water and heating). electric bill goes around $60 per month with three roommates. Also it's possible to rent a room starting in May as well.

If you are interested please let me know 781.392.4937



Price: 2240

Date Posted: 02/13/17

Post ID: 11210

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Listing #29838

Listing #: 29838

Beds: 3

Available: 02/25/11

Location: Boston (Jamaica Plain)

Price: $2300

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